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Private Event Information

Dodgebow Private events can cater to many Occasions Including but not limited to

  • Birthday Parties

  • Bucks Parties

  • Hens parties

  • Corporate events

  • Team building events

  • School events/Vacation care/Holiday events.

  • Just for fun!

  • Many more

What does the private event include/how does it run

Either our field at Beenleigh can be hired if Available or we can come to your field/property if suitable. (check the calculator for travel fees if outside of our included range)


If using your field:

  • We will arrive an hour earlier than event time and meet the organiser of the event onsite to set up. 

  • Everyone signs the waiver prior to play - (parents/guardians need to sign in under 18s)

  • We run the group through a training and safety session

  • Game on! We will explain the game type and get on field and play, in-between each game type we have drinks breaks to stay hydrated and take a small breather.

  •  After 1.5 hours of game time the event finishes. We pack up and head off.

  • We design a small video and some photos and send them to the organiser as a keepsake of the day!

If using dodgebow's field

Same as above except everyone just turns up, we will organise the field and have everything set up ready to go at event time!

Is my field/Property suitable for a private event?

Dodgebow can be run on a variety of fields and locations. Examples of Good locations

  • Football Fields

  • Open Parks

  • Sports centres EG. Indoor basketball/soccer courts

  • School gym

  • School Fields 

  • Large flat property

Your field/location needs to be a minimum of 20m x 30m playable area, with a zone around the play zone for arrows to go out without getting lost or damaged (eg. No dams/thick tree's/structures near by)

Approval - all fields/property that are not personally owned requires written consent from the owners of the fields, this include parks need council approval, football fields need club approval etc.

Booking an event/What does it cost

To book an event head over to the "Private events tab" (or click here)

  1. Fill out the Instant Quote

  2. Once happy Proceed to the "Request a booking"

  3. Fill in all your details

  4. Submit Form - We will be in contact Asap about availability.

  5. A deposit invoice is issued to secure the date and time.

  6. The Locked in number and final invoice is due 3 days prior to event.

  7. Extra numbers can be added on the day at full price for cash and card. 


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