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Dodgebow Public events

Dodgebow offers an alternative skirmish game more dynamic than laser tag, and less painful than paintball.
If you have ever had an interest in archery or shooting your friends, it's time to try Dodgebow! If you have family, friends or co-workers that would enjoy Dodgebow, bring them along and share the fun and get a discount!


175 Beaudesert Beenleigh Rd, Bahrs Scrub QLD 4207


Enclosed shoes (REQUIRED to play, NO shoes = No Play),  comfortable clothes to run in, a bottle of water and enthusiasm!(Powerade/Gatorade and water sold on field as well!)


DodgeBows Recommended minimum age for our Public event is 10, if you are interested in younger players playing we can cater to that with private events!

NEW PLAYERS -  a safety/training briefing is done for all new players at 6:45 if you have booked the 7 o'clock session or 7:45 for the 8 o'clock session All new players must go through this briefing before continuing on to the session they are playing in.

*A cup/groin protection are RECOMMENDED but optional
**WEATHER:  We play in light to mild rain. If we need to Cancel an event due to Extreme weather Conditions, All tickets will be refunded in Full and we will on our social media - send ticket holders notices and post on our website.

Tickets and pricing for our Next event available below!
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