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  • What is Dodgebow?
    Dodgebow is a combat archery sport, we use Industry leading foam tipped Arrows and low poundage bows to play a wide Variety of games.
  • Is it Safe?
    Yes! The special lightweight foam tipped arrows have been used in related sports like LARP for years. The bows are light weight, easy to handle and have a draw weight of 15lb. Regardless we ensure all players are wearing face masks for extra protection and only Dodgebow Approved equipment is permitted.
  • Can i bring my own Bow?
    Only DodgeBow approved bows are allowed on field, we supply all bows and Arrows for play. We have very strict Conditions that must be met for the bow requirements, so we only allow a single type of bow to be used on Field that we supply. However if you purchase a Bow from us, you May use that bow on Field, But it must be checked by a marshal Each time before it is Allowed to be used on Field.
  • Is there Paint involved?
    No. The Foam Arrows do not have Paint on them.
  • I have never done archery before, does that matter?"
    No, you don’t need to be good at archery to play. In fact Dodgebow is the perfect opportunity to use a bow and arrow for the first time as we provide you with training and practice before playing.
  • What is the Age requirements for Dodgebow?
    We Recommend ages 10+ for our Friday Night sessions, as there will be a wide veriaty of ages at those sessions. Anyone under the age of 18 must have a Parent or Guardian Present to sign a waiver to allow the Under age person play. If you are interested in a younger age group playing, we can be booked for a Private session for younger age groups (ideal for Birthday parties/scout groups/youth groups) see the "Hire us" section for more information.
  • Is there breaks between the Games?
    Inbetween most games there is a quick intermission while we explain the next game, during this time we recommend you have a waterbottle on hand to stay hydrated while listening to the next rules!
  • How many People can play at once?
    We have the ability to support upto 80 players on Field at once, we do reccommend you book in online to secure a spot each week and Online booking is cheaper than at the gate!
  • What should i wear?
    Enclosed Shoes are required to be allowed to play. Sports/excerise Style clothing is also ideal to move around the Field of play in. We also recommend groin protection, cups are available to be bought for $15 each.
  • What if the weather is Bad?
    We play Even if it is gentle raining, so we suggest bringing appropriate clothing! we use Mesh masks which dont fog up during the rain If we have to Cancel an event due to heavier weather we will let everyone know via email that has purchased tickets online and issue a full refund as well as posting to our Facebook to alert everyone of the cancelation
  • What time do i get there/what happens if i am running late
    We have two sessions, depending on the session is when you get there, we recommend to be there 15 minutes prior to be signed in and ready to go, training starts at 6:50 for a game start time of 7 oclock for the first session, and training is at 7:50 for the second session for an 8 oclock start! If you are running late and miss the sign in in time for the training session, once the staff have run through the training session they will sign you in and run you through the training and you will enter into the game in progress, unfortunetely you will be forfitting the time you where late for!
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